The Nursing Station

          It is necessary for you to have a medical background when you apply for BLS training.  This training will help you save a person’s life by concentrating on 3 important areas:

          Airway:  an unconscious person can have a blocked airway.  When you have basic BLS knowledge, you will know how to see if an unconscious patient’s airway is blocked, and learn how to keep it open for proper airway passage.

          Breathing: BLS training will help train you how to properly breathe through a victim’s airway to give him the oxygen that he needs.

          Circulation:  undergoing BLS training will aid you in ensuring that blood is properly circulating through the victim’s body through proper techniques designed to help restore the beating of a victim’s heart during cardiac arrest.

          Your medical background will give you the confidence necessary to remain calm and perform your duties as a professional medical person should.