CPR Training is establishing an open airway in an unconscious patient. This is one of the steps you have to perform when you are to do adult CPR. It is important for you cannot breathe life to an unconscious victim who is having cardio-pulmonary arrest. There two ways of establishing an open airway that you should follow as part of the CPR Instruction. One is the head tilt/chin lift maneuver. To do this, you must kneel beside the unconscious victim’s head with your knees spread apart for balance and support. Place the side of your hand on the victims head in a firm, chopping motion and rest your elbow on your knee. The Nursing Station CPR Instructors will teach you how to use your other hand to properly lift the jaw using two fingers. This maneuver will be taught to you in further detail when you enroll.

Classes fill up quickly, so, Call The Nursing Station at (786)390-5771 to Sign up early